Home is where the front door is: Corona homemaking in the UK

Disruptive Inequalities

“Stay at home”, the government tells us. The message is everywhere: Spotify adverts, and messages on people’s homes, businesses’ windows, and Facebook walls. Every time I read it or hear it, there is a shooting of fear down to my stomach. As Carter, Green, and Speed point out, it is a difficult, and somewhat ironic, thing for the government to be asking people to act collectively when they have been asking us to act individualistically in the UK since the Thatcher years. But the thing that scares me the most is not at all about acting collectively, and is more than the isolation, which is scary enough; it is about the kinds of collectives that are being remade. They are collectives with explicit and definitive boundaries. Of course, to contain or stall a virus, physical barriers and boundaries need to be put in place. But these barriers and boundaries are…

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